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EC16, EC17, EC18, EC22-1, EC22-2, EC23, EC24


EC16 Eyeshadow Angle Brush

Angled cut make it a perfect blending tool for hard to reach areas of the face such as under the eyes and along the sides of the nose. Its stiff, compact head picks up large amounts of loose powder, making it a perfect tool for baking and setting the under eye area.


EC17 Large Eyeshadow Flat Brush

 Dense flat head is designed for controlled eyeshadow placement on the eyelid, making it ideal for more elaborate, the multi shadow looks. Its flat, stiff shape also makes it perfect for cleaning up and highlighting the area under the brow. The ultra soft bristles easily pick up powder, resulting in medium to full coverage of the desired product.


EC18 Small Eyeshadow Flat Brush

Very tiny, precise, well rounded shading tool that can be used to smudge out eyeliner and shadow in the lash line. Can also be used to add definition to cut-crease styles.


EC22-1 Winged Liner Brush

Designed to apply either cream, gel, liquid, or powder eyeliner. Its thin width and dense bristles allow for a precise application and easy product pickup. The angle of the brush helps to both get a close application within the lashes for a more natural look or to "map out" the eye for a perfect winged liner. The Infinity Angle Liner can also be used in the brows to sculpt and shape both natural and dramatic looking eyebrows.


EC22-2 Eye Brow Brush

Our angled eyebrow brush has an angled tip to help fill in and define brows. Also known as a slanted liner brush, is can be used to apply eyebrow filler as well. The slanted tip can also be used to apply eye liner to your lids.


EC23 Fine Liner Brush

Is a very short, stiff, synthetic eyeliner brush that can be used with liquid, cream, and gel products. Use along the lashline to create eyeliner styles as desired.

EC24 Lip Brush

Very small, pointed, synthetic lip brush. This brush can be used with all types of lip products as well as concealer for a more controlled application of product to small areas of the face.




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